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We're committed to providing extra-effective message carriers (communication tools) that boost bottom-line results.

Here's how and where the bulk of our products get used. In a lot of cases, one print technique can be substituted for another. Pull-tabs work differently than scratch-offs, for example, but they may work just as well for a given end use.

MARKETING: They can serve both advertising (building brand awareness) and sales promotional (boosting sales) purposes. Prize promotions, coupons, discounts, and continuity programs are leading tactics. EMPLOYEE INCENTIVE: As part of an integrated program, our offerings can be 'just the ticket' for recognizing achievement and loyalty, and for motivating people to work more effectively.
FUNDRAISING: Motivate people to donate to team or group causes using conceal & reveal products. When also tied to an element of chance, they make charitable participation fun - and profitable. OTHER: Phone and internet access cards. Parking hang tags. Educational products. These are just a few other, harder to classify, uses for conceal & reveal techniques. (One thing that sets them apart: end users typically buy these, as opposed to receiving them for free.)
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