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Here are brief descriptions of the conceal & reveal techniques we employ. Each has its own unique characteristics and strengths.

We refer to techniques rather than finished products because it's less limiting. Scratch-off cards, for example, are very popular, but we can apply scratch-off coating to posters, to labels, to neck hangers - and more! Click on the links below for more details. (To see how and where they're used, go to the Applications section.)

Scratch off card SCRATCH-OFF: An easy-to-remove, opaque coating used to conceal numbers, symbols, codes, etc. Scratch-off areas can be just about any size or shape, and can be overprinted. Scratch-off is commonly associated with lottery tickets. pull-tab

PULL-TAB: Made by gluing two sheets of paper - one with perforated tabs - together. The tabs are pulled open to reveal hidden info underneath. Can be made in a variety of sizes and shapes. One-, three- and five-window tabs are common.

Prize lllll Scan card PRIZElllllSCAN: Incorporates a machine that reads a proprietary barcode and responds with an audio message. Messages may be standard (e.g., 'Congratulations, you're the grand prize winner!') or fully customized.

OTHER: Ask us about: PEEL N' WIN, WATER DIP, BLACK LIGHT, RED REVEAL, and HIDDEN MESSAGE techniques. Each of these we can make available to professional communicators to help messages hit their marks!

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